Most accommodation options are located in Anavyssos Town near the coastal area. Hotel Alexander Beach built with a distinctive modern architecture, recently renovated, has all modern amenities and it is also near the sea. It consists of 108 rooms, double, triple and quadruple, each has its own bathroom and balcony.

The EPLO was able to pre-book a certain number of rooms at Alexander and Eden (15-20 minutes drive going to EPLO Legraina premises) for the days of the conference.


Hotel Alexander Beach


The meals will be arranged as usual at the conference venue.

Please indicate on the registration form if you wish us to organize your accommodation.

*Special note for the members of the Board of Directors of the EPLO: your flight ticket, accommodation and meals will be taken care of, as usual, by the EPLO out of the annual contribution of your institution to the EPLO; therefore, please make sure that your University/Institution has completed the process for 2021.

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